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You are your best investment. The more you invest in yourself the more ability you will have in being, doing, and getting life's rewards. By investing in this collection of ideas, and concepts you will gain a new level of confidence and personal fulfillment that can carry you to more exciting outcomes and greater life experiences.

Anything we build or construct requires tools, equipment and devices together with an effective procedure. We all need the right knowledge, training and skills to effectively get the job done right. This book delves into 7 big ones, tools that is. Each of the7 gears you'll be reading about are actually more than tools. They are essential factors I refer to as gears. These interactive gears operate in between causes and any resulting effects or outcomes stemming from human intervention.

ThE COLLABORATION CONTINUUM: building lasting personal and business relationships


The Collaboration Continuum

Gear 3 Excerpt 

Whether you're buying or selling, closing the deal, submitting a bid, or building a winning team, your agency or company's success depends on its ability to master the Collaboration Continuum. Discover how you can negotiate with greater success. Division heads, consultants and manufacturers inherently know communication skills are essential to grow any business, make the sale, build the program, or win the bid. Studies have proven hat buying decisions are more about human interactive dynamics than the technology, service or product alone. In the book you will learn how the order and sequence of moving though the 7 levels of the Collaboration Continuum will increase the odds of winning the bid, the deal, or project support - gain the trust and support of influential division heads and agency leaders.



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