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Every effect has a cause, and every cause has an effect

The 7 Gears Between the great Law of Cause and Effect are more than tools, they are crucial factors that operate between outcomes, results and circumstances, and the causes that shape and create them. The exciting news is you can control them all in your favor! You will then have the knowledge needed to utilize the tools available to you to create the success you desire.


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Fall 2019


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We all know that the law of Cause and Effect is inviolable, yet how many of us ever pause to consider it’s workings?
— Claude M.Bristol


Download an E-Book or order your very own hard copy of the book that finally fills in the missing pieces from The Law of Attraction.  Every cause has an effect, and the effect of you taking this step will be profound in your life.


If outcomes and results can be controlled, then how does it happen? Learn more about how these 7 gears will empower you to reach more goals, better fulfill your life purpose, and raise your standard of living beyond the next level.


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What people are saying about The 7 Gears...

Tom Tolman
I urge you to look into [The 7 Gears Program], understand it and take advantage of it.”
— Martin Cooper, The Father of the Cell Phone
Okay we all hear about self-help books. That is not what this book is. It is an amazing offer to look through a new lens and change thinking and habits so that you can see the relationship between the different parts (gears) that can keep the machine running smoothly - or not. Pick this up and thumb through and you will be hooked. One gear leads to the next and it all leads to wholeness. Thanks Tom. Loved it.
— Laura L. Padgett, Denver, CO Award-winning author "Dolores, Like the River" Westbow Press 2013 Contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul "Think Possible" and "Merry Christmas"
I have the privilege of calling Thomas Tolman my life coach and greatest mentor. I have attended many of his coaching sessions and presentations. Both of which have been to say the least very educational and inspirational. I often use his techniques and steps in order to problem solve and to best analyze life’s situations. I confidently say that if anyone attends even one of his presentations and or coaching sessions they will indubitably be benefited. Whether it be by getting inspired, learning something new, or even just seeing situations in a whole new perspective. They will be able to best analyze what they can and can’t control. The most valuable thing that Tom has taught me is that in understanding the steps between cause and effect I now obtain the tools necessary in order to make more educated decisions and to have greater insight on life’s outcomes. I highly recommend Thomas Tolman as a life coach, mentor, and as a very esteemed author.
— Janeyl T., Denver, CO
“The 7 Gears Program has had a much more powerful impact on my life than any other program. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking to live a more positive life in business and in personal relationships.”
— Jenni Summer, Auckland, New Zealand
This book has been an excellent read. For those considering a purchase, I (clearly) recommend the book, but it should be approached with a desire to “work” the book slowly. This isn’t a quick read. It is loaded with invaluable information that we all need to become more successful in every facet of life. As Tolman says, “The more you think in long-term perspectives, the wiser your short-term decisions will be.” I have read through the book once and have returned to the beginning to work through the chapters with a notebook and pen. Awesome.
— J. Cameron, Boston, MA
The focus of this book is the Law of Cause & Effect as if using a 7 gear transmission. Based on the Socratic law of causality, this Law is so profound and powerful that it has been referred to as the “Iron Law of Human Destiny”. The Law of cause and effect states that absolutely everything happens for a reason. By operating the dynamic interactive gears that operate between the universal laws of that absolutely everything happens for a reason, depending on which gear you use, empowers the reader to tap opportunities and potential, which can change them into life-changing positive effects. The end result can give the reader the tool to reach set goals, provide a better sense of purpose and because of this be able to provide a better quality of life. There is no mystery to achieving success - it is available to all of us. One need only be aware of, understand and live in accordance with Universal Law! Reading this book give you the know how to sharpen ones ability to recognize and act on more complex opportunities and therefore experience more rewarding moments in your life.
— Tony T., Phoenix, AZ
“I highly recommend Tom’s book The 7 Gears Between Cause & Effect. I’ve applied many of Tom’s helpful tips on how to achieve success in school, work and many other areas of my life. This is a must read for anyone who wants to achieve success in every aspect of your life.”
— Angie T., Denver, CO


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Thomas Tolman

Thomas Tolman is a writer, speaker and creator of The 7 Gears Program that focuses on leadership, high-performance, business collaboration and person growth. 

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