“Every effect has a cause, and every cause has an effect.”

The 7 gears you are about to learn are not complex, but they are essential to getting life changing results. If “luck” is where preparation meets opportunity, then let’s get in gear and go after those opportunities

the 7 gears between cause and effect aligned

The Mission of The 7 Gears is Threefold:

1)     To empower you to become the best version of yourself;

2)     To give you a better working achievement system that enables you to tap into the unlimited opportunities waiting for you and convert them to a new exciting level of quality experiences;

3)     To reveal the inner working factors between cause and effect so you can systematically activate and align your true capacity and fullest potential to life-changing results and outcomes.

The 7 Gears Between Cause & Effect unveils the invisible working factors influencing the quality of your life outcomes, results, and life conditions!

Have you ever looked back at a time in your life when you and realized you missed a great opportunity? Or have you struggled with your identity, a sense of purpose, let alone reaching your goals? How would it feel to be able to experience more of your dreams and goals?

There is a universal law at work every single hour of every day in our lives. It permeates and commands every outcome, every result, and every condition in the universe. The Law of Cause and Effect says, “Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause.” The exciting news is there are dynamic interactive factors at work in-between causes and their resulting effects that you can access, influence and control to your benefit! 

success combo lock safe

The 7 Gears book and program shows you where and how you can make quantum advances in all of your personal and business goals, giving you the ultimate combo to success.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Use a better achievement system that empowers you to tap into the unlimited waiting for you and convert those newfound prospects to a greater level of life experiences and fulfillment
  • Gain the “house advantage” to leverage personal, business performance and relationships
  • Make smarter, wiser, decisions and get more “breaks” in your favor
  • Improve your capability to identify and convert more opportunities into thrilling events
  • Experience life to a greater fulfilling extent by clarifying and strengthening positive values, faith and beliefs
  • Take command of your emotions, sharpen your awareness toward new and better opportunities
  • Leverage your time and efforts with more confidence, clarity , and vitality

The message in the 7 Gears reveals a completely different viewpoint for the distinctive order and sequence of 7 “Gears” as dynamic, interactive power factors that culminate into every outcome and every effect. Packed with entertaining and enlightening illustrations, starring Cog the character you will find useful Worth Knowing and Worth Doing exercises.

cogs at work

If “luck” is where preparation meets opportunity, then the 7 Gears book and program can prepare you to transform untold opportunities into fabulous life experiences.  

Activating any one of these 7 gears will change your life, using all 7 could be worth a fortune to you!