Cog Sayings  - from the book ; The 7 Gears Between Cause and Effect

Worth Remembering  :  Excerpts From Chapter 9 Action GEAR

Worth Remembering : Excerpts From Chapter 9 Action GEAR

  • Our sensory image level of outcomes affect our actions and behavior
  • When you change your actions you change your feelings, which in turn changes your decisions
  • Its not about how much you do as it is how effective your actions have been today
  • If your playing the waiting game to get started when conditions are just right the odds will be stacked against you





Worth Doing : Excerpts from Chapter 9 ACTION - GEAR

  • Commit to a weekly exercise habit because you need to build emotional, & mental health and of course physical vitality
  • Ask yourself , " Is what I'm acting on moving me forward ? " Keep what works , Throw out what doesn't, Seek improvement always. Repeat every day until it's conditioned into you as a power habit
  • Have a trusted accountability partner 
  • Don't wait for conditions to be just right
  • You either control your Daily Action Habits or they control you, what's it going to be ?
  • You must shift out of neutral and into gear (apply) to make any advice and guidance work for you
  • Because the time for things to be just right is almost never, start your worthwhile intention now
  • Commit to SUPDAH - Sustained Unwavering Progress through your Daily Action Habits making every moment count ! It's your closest thing to a guarantee to success when its running on the S.M.A.R. T. E. R. goal track