This book is predicated on a few central factors;

  • Many people just aren’t aware of any “links” or connecting aspects between cause and effect. Nor do they  understand the importance of its interacting elements

  • Our life objective paths don’t travel a straight line from point A to point B either, because each of us is continuously confronted with barriers, gaps, and diversions.

  • We live in a Universe of order that is governed by invisible, powerful laws that line up in harmony like a smooth running transmission 

  • Life cycles are another constant whether its clothing, cars, jobs, gardens, and paint. Everything under the sun is subject to a lifecycle and transition that’s either in creation, or decay. Our entire solar system is in a lifecycle. And, we to as humans are in a lifecycle.

  • Change begins first within, before without – and it is always our decision

  • The Universe operates with exact and unwavering laws and principles, whether we know it or not. It’s been said that even the best stock market experts cannot predict with 100% certainty which way a stock will go. The same with those who are the “best” at picking horse race winners, Super Bowl winners, or what your next hand at poker or blackjack will be. Nor exactly when and where the next earthquake will happen. But there are influencers, and clues that can increase the odds of a more accurate outcome.    

  • When you learn and apply the 7 gears that control and change outcomes and effects, you will increase the odds in your favor towards reaching more of your full potential and increase access to bigger and better  opportunities

  • These 7 gears will give you the traction and horsepower you need to bust through barriers, leap over gaps, and avoid detours and delays to get you to your destination faster and on target.

  • All human beings contain genius capacity at some level , in some way – and that includes you